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Greetings all beautiful vibrational star children...peace to you all.  So it's the mid seventies, we are in a crisis, for we are Black Americans living in the ghetto, and it sucks...Malcom X has been dead for a few years, Vietnam saw and even larger proportion of us in the war than the whites than ever before! further demeaning our race on this land.  The civil rights movement has long since been effect, and has done little to settle the pain and anger of 400 years of slavery and domination.
Where are we to turn my brothers? 

The Black Urban Music Scene in America was really moving in the mid seventies. All of the Bop of the sixties had morphed into these great avenues like the space movement here, Sun Ra is the undisputed king in my opinion.  But there were other old boppers moving into different yet connected areas, like the more tribal fusion and a pronounced African sound mixed with any given world influences. and for that i like to turn to my man Don Cherry.

Cherry was great! and he was all over the place. This album Hear & Now is about the most main stream that he gets, with a real heavy rhythm section. he started as a Bop player with Coltrane and the great Ornette Coleman, but by the seventies he was deep into creating what we now know as world fusion, he put out lots of tribal music, I'll leave you some.
I know these guys seem far apart, but they are linked by their Bop and Free Jazz styles, and really, for what they ended up doing for Urban Music in America.  And maybe the most definable quality of how that happened is really the improvisation of the African tradition of music in America.  ok. If you listen to the tracks below, be patient and give them some time, they really heat up! and you will be bouncing around the room soon! 

Salam Aleikem
Aj zdravo.

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  1. Bravo kume, oko moje lepo, tako se to radi!!!
    P.S.I put the Oldies in genre cuz it is what it is, right?