петак, 03. август 2012.

Early country rockabilly madness!!!!!

 Hey guys and dolls, Joe here, trying to post my first blog for Vjob while he's on vacation. As Ive never posted a blog in my life, and really don't give a shit about learning the finer points about uploading and posting and what have you, it has taken a while, sorry...
anyways, This is my first installment, which really is all about boring dusty summer days, Ive been feeling nostalgic and listening to a lot of early country, blues and rockabilly, and have been nostalgic enough to thing about the old days, when as kids we would get into my dad's record collection and what really stuck to us is all  of the old early country guys, and how much they were all part of the same feel, the country twang, Memphis country rock and the Texas swing.

of course Elvis, Carl Perkins, and Roy Orbison were huge influences on me from a young age and they really lead me easily onto Psychobilly at a latter age. 
I guess living outside of the Canadian west for a while can really create a nostalgia for this kind of music
I thought I would mix in some Bo Diddly and some different country sounds in there too, i think it really comes from those first innovators, you can hear the other in each of them... well... to me.
ok, if this works, I'll be back right away with another batch for ya soon.

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